Speedtrax - Full Grip Tunnel
Price for 2020 Shipment: Early July arrival.
1m: $220.00 2m: $290.00 3m: $350.00 4m: $405.00 5m: $450.00 6m: $525.00 AUD (inc. GST)

Actual product may vary slightly

  • Tunnels are suitable for both ANKC and ADAA Agility specifications.

  • High-grade embossed texture fabric creates great traction for speed.

  • Highly recommend using WIDE triangle shaped saddlebags and one per meter to maximize tunnel stability and anti-slip performance.

Wire end covered by heat shrink

Trim close up


Anti- Slip fabric is PVC coated Polyester (1100 dtex)

Anti-slip fabric weight: 700gsm.

Gripping texture depth: 500um

Wire: 5mm diameter spring wire. 

Wire pitch: 150mm.

Wire trim: Heat sealed with standard PVC fabric.

Wire end is covered with plastic heat shrink.

Tunnel rings (end of tunnels) : 5mm diameter wire.

Length:  1 to 6meter available.


Tunnel weight : 

1m: 4kg, 2m: 8.5kg,  3m: 13kg, 4m: 16.5kg,  5m: 20kg,  6m: 23.5kg


​Available tunnels from July, 2020

6meter: -Blue, Yellow, Purple

5meter: -Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Purple

4meter: -Blue, Yellow, Light green,

3meter: -Yellow, Light green

2meter: -Yellow

Rainbow Tunnel

Various diameter, short tunnels: Full Grip and Semi- clear tunnels (AUD inc. GST) Available in July 2020
45cm: 1m: $175.00
60cm: 1m: $220.00 2m: $290.00 3m: $350.00

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