Speedtrax - Full Grip Tunnel
Price for current stock: 3, 5, 6meter in stock  (1,2,4 meter are sold out)
1m: $220.00 2m: $290.00 3m: $350.00 4m: $405.00 5m: $450.00 6m: $525.00 AUD (inc. gst)
2021 Shipment Price:
1m: $235.00 2m: $298.00 3m: $375.00 4m: $428.00 5m: $478.00 6m: $538.00AUD (inc. gst)

photo by Emily Taylor



Inner side blue fabric

Blue and Pink trim

Blue and Pink trim

Rainbow trim

Rainbow trim

Tunnel strap

Tunnel strap

Straps comes with tunnel

Actual product may vary slightly

  • Tunnels are suitable for both ANKC and ADAA Agility specifications.

  • High-grade embossed texture fabric creates great traction for speed.

  • Highly recommend using WIDE triangle shaped saddlebags and one per meter to maximize tunnel stability and anti-slip performance.

Wire end covered by heat shrink


Anti- Slip fabric is PVC coated Polyester (1100 dtex)

Anti-slip fabric weight: 700gsm.

Gripping texture depth: 500um

Wire: 5mm diameter spring wire. 

Pitch: 150mm.

Wire trim: Heat sealed with standard PVC fabric.

Wire end is covered with plastic heat shrink.

Tunnel rings (end of tunnels) : 5mm diameter wire.

Length:  1 to 6meter available.


Tunnel weight : 

1m: 4kg, 2m: 8.5kg,  3m: 13kg, 4m: 16.5kg,  5m: 20kg,  6m: 23.5kg


​Available tunnels:

6meter: -Blue, Yellow, Purple (w/ various trim colours)

5meter: -Blue, Yellow, Light Green, Purple (w/ various trim colours)

3meter: -Red with blue trim

Trim close up

Rainbow Tunnel

Various diameter tunnels: Full Grip and Semi- clear tunnels (AUD inc. GST)
45cm: 1m: $175.00  2m: $270.00 10% off (in stock, Pink, or solid blue tunnels)
60cm: 1m: $235.00 2m: $298.00 3m: $375.00 -No stock
70cm: 3m: $450.00 4m: $490.00 - No stock
80cm: 1m: $398.00 3m: $458.00 4m: $498.00 -No stock

semi clear with rainbow trim. 45cm diameter (pink) 60cm diameter (blue)

60cm dia semi-clear 3m

60cm dia semi-clear 3m

You can secure 45cm diameter tunnel by Galican equipment weight bags.

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