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JENNY Bag   
$86.00 AUD plus GST. 

($94.60 inc GST​ each pair)  
Back in stock in April. 
JENNY saddlebag was developed by Jenny Damm and the HCV.   Prevent tunnel deformation, better fixation, and soft padded handle inner side.
  • JENNY consists of two parts connected by strong Velcro.
  • There are 2 grip rubber stripes on the inner side that grips the tunnel from sliding.
  • soft padded handles are inner side.
  • 620 gsm/ UV-stabilized, heavy duty PVC
  • The sand pockets have zippers on the inner side. Each pocket can be filled up to 14-16 kg. 
  • We recommend to used one pair per meter of tunnel.      
  • 4 (or more) pairs for 5-6 meter curved tunnels depending on how heavy and fast the dogs are.
  • Colour option: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, pink and purple
Agility Tunnel carry/store bags
Round PVC bags: Blue $65.00 AUD inc gst
Blue in Stock 
Perfect tunnel shaped, tough, protect tunnel from 
Dirt, scratch, rodent. Well stretched 6m tunnel can fit. 
Do you take gear to the park for training?
New PVC tunnel case is here!
Large (70x70x40) very tough PVC tunnel case (620gsm) to protect your tunnels.

Canvas tunnel carry bags keep your car clean from wet and muddy tunnels and gears. We use canvas bag to transport tunnels and GALICAN Break away tyre, also other stuff. Very useful bags.
SPIKE Saddlebags 
  • Spike Corner bags: (Blue) $82.00  In stock 
  • Spike Saddlebags: (Blue & Yellow) $66.00   in stock 
Grip your tunnel in position.
Provide extra grip and support for banking curved tunnels. Very Strong Anti-slip fabric and Velcro.
Spike rubber Pads at the bottom to prevent sliding.
  • SPIKE Corner bags: consists of 3 bags as a set to place at the corner/bend section of tunnels  (50cm width). One bag at the front and two bags in the back. 620gsm durable fabric with spike rubber pads i
  • Triple sandbags provides over 1meter of support on the banking side of curved tunnels.
  • SPIKE saddlebags: consists of 2 bags as a pair, Right and left side. 620gsm Durable fabric with spike rubber pads
  • 5 x Spike-rubber pads for extra traction. 
Jump bars carry bag
$36.00 AUD  (GST inc.) 


Easy to set courses, You can carry multiple bars on your shoulder.

Round tube-shaped bag made to carry 120m length bars, by soft canvas fabric  and padded shoulder straps. Zipper at the end.
Grab the bars easily. Fit 12-15 bars.

Colours: Aqua Blue
Padded Treat & Train carry case 
​(Stock Available in Victoria/NSW)
Useful carry bag for Treat and Train.
Thick padding protect  T&T when you go out for training.   
  • Thick padding with durable PVC outer shell.
  • Pocket for remote control
  • Colours: Blue or Orange
ANKC Contact covers In Stock
Dogwalk Cover  $165.00  (inc.GST)
Aframe Cover $160.00 (inc. GST)
Seesaw Cove
r $68.00  (inc. GST)
Made to cover the ANKC spec contact with extra width to allow cover various maker's contact equipment. 
  • UV stabilized blue PVC fabric (630gsm) with bonded marine thread. Strong Clips and webbing to hold the cover in place.
  • DW Covers can be separated into three (each planks) by durable Velcros.
  • AF cover can be separated into two parts with very strong Velcros.
  • Top of A-Shape is sawn to 3-dimentional shape to fit well.
Covers for Galican's Breakaway tyres
$42.00 AUD inc. GST  
Do you leave your Tyre outside? 
This cover is a weather proof, durable fabric cover to protect from dirt, rain and UV.
  • Made of 640gsm water proof PVC fabric.
  • Available in stock
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