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GALICAN puppy preschool contact
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Price:  AUD inc. GST
Puppy Dog walk: $950.00 
Puppy Aframe: $975.00 
Puppy Seesaw: $525.00
Smallest size contact for puppy school.
Made of aluminum with hard wearing stainless steel hinges, and rubber surface.
  • Dog walk: Down ramps: 90×40 cm. Central plank: 150×40 cm. Height: 45 cm. Weight: 20 kg.
  • Aframe: Ramps: 140×70 cm. Height: 82 cm. Weight: 23 kg.
  • Seesaw: Plank: 150×40 cm. Height: 21 cm. Weight: 9 kg.
  • UV resistant rubber surface made in Switzerland from environmental friendly ingredients.
  • Easy to assemble and can be handled by a single person.
  • available in various rubber colour.
Puppy Wobble Board
$799.00 AUD inc. GST 
Stability exercises for young to adult dogs!
  • Size: Length: 140×40 cm. Height: 28 cm. Weight: 9 kg.
  • It's completely detachable to all pieces. 
  • The board is made of aluminium with anti-slip rubber surface, and springs to support the board. 
  • Easy to assemble and can be handled by a single person.
Wobble board.jpg
Wobble Board.jpg
Puppy Bump

Soft bump to train turns, or to teach grid jumping
in the most kind way for your energetic young stars!
$69.00 AUD inc. GST​​
Back in stock: Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange

Galican's new innovative safe FUNdation tools! 

Puppy Bump:

Designed to teach puppies to teach jump lines, jumping verbal cues, and behaviour before adding bars. 

Very useful for grid jumping starting point, 

Teaching stride patterns for Running Aframe!

  • Made by foam and covered with PVC canvas.

  • Available in a wide range of colours!

  • Durable, water proof PVC.
  • Weight: 1kg (puppy bump)
  • Fabric colour range: Blue, yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Green,Black, White 
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