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CANometer V2 Timer 
Available to order, Arrival during 2023.

Two timing gates:  $2,890.00 AUD inc. GST 
CANometer V2 time screen -the screen, cable and tripod:  $2,450.00 AUD inc. GST 
CANometer V2 wing stand (pair) (need 2 for entry and exit gates) $185.00​ AUD inc. GST 
  • ⓵ Two gates:
    ⇒ Can be attached to any Intercan, Lite or Base jump wing.
    ⇒ Each gate has seven sensor cells and a reflectant that cover all jump heights.
    ⇒ No height adjustment is needed.
    ⇒ Wireless on/off button.
    ⇒ Two chargers are included.
    ⇒ The timer can be controlled by any device like mobile phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer.

    ⓶ Wings:
    ⇒ Pair of wings, heavy, black powder coated short wings to attach the gates to in case you don’t want to attach them to standard competition wings
    ⇒ It’s a good choice for fast change of course layout or in cases when the first obstacle is not a winged jump.
    ⓷ The screen and tripod.
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