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GALICAN Velcro saddlebags   
$69.00 AUD inc. GST
In stock (purple, yellow, a few blue)

Inter crossed straps hold the tunnel wire trim to prevent sliding.


  • GALICAN Velcro bags consists of two parts connected by velcro.

  • Handles are placed to inner side and padded now.

  • Individual sandbags are interchangeable when creating pairs. (No need to find a matching pair)

  • UV-stabilized, heavy duty PVC.

  • The sand pockets have zippers on the inner side. Each pocket can be filled up to 16kg.

  • We recommend at least 1 (or more) pairs for each meter of tunnels length.

  • Available Colour options: Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Green, White, Black


GALICAN U-Shape tunnel saddlebags  
In stoc​k  $92.00 AUD  (GST inc.)
Yellow, Pink, Purple in stock
  • The Sandbag for U tunnel is designed for the tunnel when it is curved.

  • Made of high quality fabric and resistant seams. Its triangular shape goes round the tunnel in a very effective way to keep the tunnel stable even with big dogs. 

  • Velcro-adjustable. It is detachable in 3 parts for easier carrying, and allows maximum adjust. 

  • Can hold up to 20 kg in each side. 

  • It´s advised to fill them up with gravel instead of sand.


GALICAN Back Bump & Puppy Bump
Back Bump (out of stock)  
Puppy Bump (out of stock)

Let's get back to the basics!!

Galican's new innovative safe foundation tools! 

Back Bump: 

Designed to teach take off points for back side slice and wrap.  

Soft foam protect puppies from hitting the wings when teaching take off points.  

Puppy Bump:

Designed to teach puppies to take jumps, jumping verbal cues, and jumping behaviour before adding bars,

GALICAN Puppy bumps are much safer and prevent slipping. 

  • Made by foam and covered with PVC canvas.

  • Available in a wide range of colours!

  • Durable, water proof PVC.
  • Weight: 2kg (back bump) 
  • Weight: 1kg (puppy bump)
  • Blue, yellow, Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Green
out of stock
Set of 1-24 Masters set  : $215.00 AUD inc. GST
Set of 1-24 Masters set PLUS: $239.00 AUD inc. GST

Very dense, durable, Stable and easy to see from a distance, not easy to break when accidentally step on it. 

Heavy plastic, Wind resistant.

Various range of colours available to give a nice touch colours to the course!

  • Made of durable, water proof PVC.

  • Weight: 2.8kg (1-24 total)

  • Colours: Blue, Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Black

GALICAN Tunnel Huggers
$146.00 AUD (GST inc.)  In stock 

New sandbag stabilizers to use where the fixation needs are extreme.

To be combined with triangular sandbags and velcro sandbags* 

 these tunnel huggers improve the performance of your sandbags providing great security.


. Sturdy and resistant

. Maximum stability

. Ideal for use on natural and artificial grass

. Suitable for outdoors

. Combine it with your favorite color of Galican sandbag

. Galican quality guaranteed


*Sandbags are not included with the tunnel hugger

GALICAN Wing Weight bag
$27.50 AUD (GST inc.) Price per unit
In stock 

Do you have windy conditions at your training place?

Wing weight bags are the ideal solution to prevent jumps from falling apart during your trainings.

  • They double the weight of each jump wing (up to 3kg), the centre of gravity is close to the ground which makes it almost impossible for the wind to tip them over.

  • Designed to fit all Galican competition jumps.

  • It is still possible to move the wings around with the bags attached.

  • Galican quality and durability guaranteed.

GALICAN Contact target mats
45,60,90cm in stock 
  • Made of same rubber as Galican contact zone.

  • 5 size, 7 colours available. 

  • Great training tool for Running dog walk, Running Aframe, and 2on 2 off foundation. 

  • New size 30x75, 30x90 are useful for Aframe, grip for conditioning platform.  

Sizes and colours available in stock​

  • 30X45 $58.00 (blue yellow purple)

  • 30X60 $68.00 (yellow blue)

  • 30X75 $72.00 (out of stock)

  • 30x90 $80.00 (blue yellow)

Out of st  

Useful for conditioning, rehab exercises,

Seesaw foundation and 2on 2off training.

  • Made of white powder coated - aluminum with thick, coloured rubber chip.

  • Middle bar can be attached for see saw foundation, combine with wedge cushion to make a mini-seesaw, add more movement. 

  • Training balance and conditioning.

  • Light and durable. Weight: 4.5kg,

  • Length: 120cm x 30cm

  • Available in 4 colours,  Violet, Rose Pink, Sky Blue, Mid-Gray



GALICAN Transparent Slalom Guides (x10) 
out of stock

-Set them on 32mm poles with only one click.
-Set of 10 guides.
-Made of very resistant clear PVC.

Durable PVC

Durable PVC

Transparent Slalom guide

Transparent Slalom guide



Clip release Transparent

Clip release Transparent



GALICAN New White Slalom Guides (x10) 
 out o stock


-Set them on 32mm poles with only one click.

-Set of 10 guides for training slalom.
-Made of high resistant white PVC.


White slalom guide

White slalom guide

White slalom guide

White slalom guide

GALICAN 150cm jump bar (32mm diameter)
Price$29.00 AUD (inc. gst)  Out of stock

Replace short 120cm bars to 150cm for our dogs safety and increase success rate to clear the course. 

Creates more spacing, easy to commit to take the jump, 

great for fast and big striding dogs. 

You can use 150cm bar for second spread jump bar to make it more visible and clear for dogs. 

GALICAN Cushioned stride regulator  
out of stock 
Dogwalk: $50.00 (AUD inc gstin stock

Useful too lfor Running aframe and 2on 2off on Dogwalk training.


  • Made of PVC covered cushion and rubber cord.  

  • Length adjustable.  It can be used for any Aframe.

  • UV stabilized PVC cover.

  • Great for running Aframe and 2on2off on dogwalk training.

  • Small diameter, soft form, and long lasting.

  • Dogwalk regulator is useful for conditioning with Galican Training Board.

Adjustable stride regulator
$65.00 AUD inc. GST
GALICAN Equipment weight bags  
$66.00 AUD  (GST inc.)  In stock​ various colour

Hold your seesaw, dog walk and other equipment in position. Reduce movement and vibration.

Round tube-shaped pair of weight bags with straps and clips to hold bags together.
The straps can be detached or extended.
Used to stabilize seesaws, dog walks, tyres, gazebos and other equipment in indoor or sand arenas.
Each bag can hold up to 10kg sand.
Colours: Blue, Yellow and Red available.
Caution! Please remove weight bags when moving seesaw. do not carry seesaw with weight bags on feet. 

FUNtastic RC Target mat by Katarina Podlipnik & Galican
New Double colour: out of stoc

Let's start Running Contact journey! 

Design by Running Contact Queen!! Katarina Podlipnik.

Size 30x55cm

  • Made of thick, non-slip rough rubber.

  • comes with flat plastic flat pegs to secure the mat on the ground for foundation work. 

  • Secure the mat to the plank with 3 straps and buckles. Antislip rubber backed to minimise mat from sliding. 

  • Behind mat has sleeve pocket for thick plywood or similar to make a smooth transition between the plank to mat,

  • extra 5cm can be cut off if you prefer smaller size in the future. 

  • Colour: Blue (w/yellow), Purple(w/yellow), Yellow(w/Blue),

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