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2023 Price:  AUD inc gst
Soft Seesaw ANKC or FCI (ADAA) $1,925.00
Seesaw weight bags for seesaw tray: (a pair) $66.00 
Seesaw cover: (ANKC) $68.00

The world's most popular seesaw which performs very best of agility championship is now available with soft surface!

Guarantees an exceptional grip, Smooth ride, and stability. 

  • The SOFT seesaw stands out by its optimisation in terms of security and stability. 

  • The greater possible impact absorption, minimizing the risk of injuries, thanks to the structure and the innovative padded composition of the materials used under the surface of rubber. 

  • High performance rubber guarantees an exceptional grip.

  • The softness of its balancing is unique in the world due to the stainless steel shaft with bearings.

  • Very solid feet that can be folded.

  • New tray with rubber surface to place and attach the weight bags. 

  • Made of powder coated aluminium + rounded plastic supports that improve the stability on all types of surfaces and do not damage artificial grass.

  • All materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

  • Adjustable to 3 heights (60, 45, 30 cm).

  • Total weight: 34 kgs

  • Exclusive design patented by Galican

  • This obstacle complies with the measurements and specifications of the ANCK 2010 Agility regulations.

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