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GALICAN Soft Jump-Pro

Current stock: $249.00  AUD Inc. GST
From 2023 June arrival shipment: 
Price for Blue standard colour:  $250.00 AUD Inc. GST
Price for other colours :   $260.00 AUD Inc. GST

​*Soft Jump Pro ANKC Spread jump set (blue)  $520.00

Bar cups, 130cm Bar included.
​* Extra Bar cups: $10.00 each cup inc gst
Made with PVC plastic and rounded edges to reduce impact.            
  • No protrusions at dogs eye height. 
  • Weighted bottom part of wings, angled feet design for wind resistance. 
  • Wings fall easily when dogs hit.
  • Bar 32mm diameter, center-tape. length 130cm 
  • Jump cups that swivel and slide up/down for quick height change.
  • All rounded plastic to reduce collision impact forces.
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