GALICAN Soft Pro jump,
Spread Jump set for ANKC Spec

2022 price:  $520.00 AUD inc. gst 
set included bar, bar cups 
double jump austaralia.jpg
Made with PVC plastic and rounded edges to reduce impact.            
  • Two separate PVC wings that fall when hit.
  • First bar is 130cm, second bar is 150cm so that the feet overlap and to allow for slight slices and turns.
  • Different bar marking makes the double hurdle easy for dogs to see.
  • Jump cups that swivel and slide up/down for quick height change.
  • All rounded plastic to reduce collision impact forces.
  • No protrusions at dogs eye height.
  • Combination with Safe Jump Bars available. please inquire about Safe Jump Bars.
  • ​If you like to add extra cups. $10.00 each cup 
Distance Measurement:
Second bar has a tape marking that can measure the distance between two jumps.
The distances between two jumps can be easily set up/ adjusted at competitions. No need measurement tape or ribbon. 
double jump bar.jpg
ANKC Doubl jumo2.jpg