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GALICAN LITE aframe  (ANKC or FCI)Out of Stock 
Available in January 24'
2024 Price: $2,895.00 (AUD inc GST) 
LITE aframe with wheels: $3,370.00 
Wheels for Lite Aframe:  $475.00
Aframe cover $160.00 
Improved rubber surface, very grippy. 
Multiple height adjustable.
Designed for maximum vibration and impact absorption.
  • Made of aluminum with high performance rubber surface that has great grip.

  • The structure and materials designed for maximum vibration and impact absorption.

  • All the materials are suitable for outdoors.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Multiple height adjustment with fixing chains.

  • Slats are made to ANKC regulations.

  • Total weight: about 66kg.

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