GALICAN INTERCAN Seesaw for Australia (ANKC and FCI)
2021 Price: (AUD inc. GST) available to order 
Intercan seesaw: $1,410.00
Powder coated Intercan seesaw: $1,600.00
Long tube shaped weight bag: $59.50 each
Intercan seesaw
The obstacle of the FCI agility world championships, available in Australia!
The see saw has ball bearings for a very smooth ride and new molded feet with a weight tray.
  • The high performance rubber surface with great grip.
  • Stainless steel shaft with ball bearings for precise balancing and smooth ride.
  • More sturdy foot design with new molded feet to  improve stability on all terrains.
  • Interchangeable weight stick to change the entry direction.
  • New tray with rubber surface to place weights.
  • Adjustable to three heights: 60, 45, 30cm.
  • Total weight: about 25kg. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.