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GALICAN INTERCAN JUMP    ​out of stock 
The Premium jump of the FCI agility world championship.
$280.00 AUD inc. GST (Blue)  Any other colours are $295.00 each. 
Order made only, a  pair of nylon jump cups, 130cm length bar included
Intercan jumps improved visibility, with wider inserts and powder coated frames.
Bar-holders are made of very tough, rounded nylon, designed for quick height change,
only one cup per upright is required.
This is an important safety aspect to prevent face, eye and toe impact.

  • Made of powder coated aluminum. UV resistant and will not fade.

  • Bar holders are made of rounded nylon, designed for quick and easy height change and are adjustable every 5cm from 10cm to 65cm. 

  • No where has sharp corners or edges.

  • The foot has a slight angulation for great stability on irregular ground.

  • The foot of the wings are secured with Hex key and are easy to detach.

  • Jumps comply with ANKC rules.


Each wing weight: 3.2kg
Bar: 40mm diameter
Upright height: 108cm
Wing width: 50cm
Wing frames: white
Available insert colours: blue, yellow, purple, pink, orange, green, red, golden yellow, Black, White

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