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GALICAN INTERCAN dog walk for Australia
​IN STOCK!!  (Both ANKC or FCI/ADAA)  
Blue with yellow  contact
Price: $3,025.00​ inc GST 
Dogwalk wheel: $829.00 (sold separately to dogwalk)
*require to drill the dogwalk feet and down plank profiles in order to assemble
Electronic contact: 
- Intercan DW with 1 Electronic contact: $4,525.00 
- Intercan DW with 2 Electronic contact: $6,010.00

Accessories for E-contact: 
-  Judge's tool (bracelet) for Electronic contact: $475.00
- Treat and Train transmitter remote: $145.00
Easy Feet:
 (Easy height adjustable feet with push button)
-Easy RC Feet (FCI only): $1,450.00
-Intercan dogwalk with Easy RC Feet: $4,350.00
Rubber colours_edited.jpg
IMG_3193 4.heic
soft dw feet.jpg
Light weight and stable dog walk used at
the highest level of agility competition. 
  • The best balance between lightness and stability.
  • Made of aluminum with hard wearing combination stainless/nylon hinge to minimise vibration.
  • New feet design with thicker aluminium for improved stability.
  • Rounded molded feet improves surface contact.
  • UV resistant rubber surface uses environmental friendly ingredients.
  • Easy to assemble and can be handled by a single person.
  • Adjustable to four heights: 120, 100, 80, 60 cm. 
  • Total weight for ANKC DW: about 58 kg. 
  • each plank: about 17.5kg
  • Available rubber colours: Blue, yellow, golden yellow, red, orange, green, gray, purple, pink
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