Galican Competition Slalom
Poles height 110 cm and 60 cm apart (measured between poles,  NOT centre to centre)  Poles are 30mm diameter PVC.  
Intercan Slalom
2020 Price: $660.00 AUD (inc. GST)
- The feet can be folded for easy carrying and storage.
- The unions between the base parts can be fixed with screws to keep a straight line.
- The poles slide over the base to cover the edges.
- Made of galvanized steel and is stable and resistant.
- White PVC poles with two colored vinyl bands.
- Assembled as four parts for easier carrying.


- Total weight: 29 kg.



Base Slalom
2020 Price: $520.00 AUD (inc. GST)
- Made of galvanized steel.
- White PVC poles with two colored vinyl bands.
- It is assembled into four parts for easier carrying.
- The poles are fixed to the structure on the inside.
- Stable and resistant.
- No maintenance needed.
- Total weight: 25 kg.


Sliding Channel Slalom
2020 Price: $689.00 AUD (inc. GST)
-Made of hot galvanized steel. Built in three base parts.
-New sliding system.
-Suitable for training school with different dogs and different learning stage.  It can be adjusted opening with a simple twist of the wrist quickly. 
-White PVC poles with your choice of vynil colours
-Total weight: 29kg  (Base 21.5kg, Poles 7kg) 


Price for 2020: $689.00 AUD inc. GST
-Choose the pole angulation with a simple twist of your wrist.
-Made in stainless steel.
-V Slalom helps you train your dog to learn to weave,                      also it improves speed.
-Total weight:  


Gray Slalom Guide
2020 Price:  $128.00 AUD inc. GST


-Set them on 30mm poles with only one click.
-Set of 10 guides for training slalom.
-Made of a durable resistance PVC.


V-slalom and Channel slalom

V-slalom and Channel slalom

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