Speedtrax -Full Grip tunnel for New Zealand

2021 price: Shipment arrive/available to pick up from Christ Church and Wellington

*1/3 semi clear, double rainbow prices are the same price.

60cm diameter: 3m: $450.80 4m:$534.70 5m: $638.25, 6m: $699.20 NZD inc. GST

70cm diameter:  3m: $557.75 4m: $637.10 5m: $703.80, 6m: $770.20 NZD inc GST

Semi clear tunnel

Semi clear tunnel

photo by Emily Taylor

double rainbow2

double rainbow2

double rainbow tunnel

double rainbow tunnel

Inner side

Anti-slip fabric close up

Anti-slip fabric close up

Deep embossed textured fabric weight 700gsm (blue&gray) 1000gsm (black)

Straps comes with each tunnel

Straps comes with each tunnel

  • Tunnels are suitable for NZKC specifications. (60cm diameter)

  • High-grade embossed texture fabric creates great traction for speed.

  • Highly recommend using WIDE Triangle shaped saddlebags and one per meter to maximize tunnel stability and anti-slip performance.

Actual product may vary slightly

Anti-slip fabric colours

Wire end are covered with heat shrink


Anti- Slip fabric is PVC coated Polyester (1100 dtex)

Anti-slip fabric weight: 700gsm. 

Wire and pitch:

Wire: 5mm diameter spring wire. 

Wire pitch: 150mm.

Wire trim: Heat sealed with standard PVC fabric.

Wire end is covered with plastic heat shrink.

Tunnel rings (end of tunnels) : 5mm diameter wire.

Tunnel weight : 

3meter 13kg, 4meter 16.5kg,  5meter 20kg,  6meter 23.5kg     

Length: 3, 4, 5 and 6meter available for New Zealand.        

Anti-slip fabrics colour:

Light blue, yellow, red, pink, Light gray, Light green, purple

Wire spiral colour:

Black or same fabric colour as the tunnel.

Available colour: Single colour or Black wire trim

JENNY Bag for New Zealand   
 Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange Green, Red, White Black available
60cm diameter tunnel: $80.30 NZD inc. GST
70cm diameter tunnel: $89.20 NZD inc. GST
JENNY saddlebag was developed by Jenny Damm and the HCV.   Prevent tunnel deformation, better fixation, and soft padded handle inner side.
  • JENNY consists of two parts connected by strong Velcro.
  • There are 2 grip rubber stripes on the inner side that grips the tunnel from sliding.
  • soft padded handles are inner side.
  • 620 gsm/ UV-stabilized, heavy duty PVC
  • The sand pockets have zippers on the inner side. Each pocket can be filled up to 14 kg. 
  • We recommend to used one pair per meter of tunnel.      
  • Colour option: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, pink and purple



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SPIKE Saddlebags
anti-sliding saddlebags for Curved Tunnels
Textured Ultra strong fabric with anti-slip pads
  • Spike Corner bags: (Blue) $88.00 NZD GST inc.
  • Spike Saddlebags: (Blue) $68.00 NZD
Provide extra support for banking curved tunnels.
Very Strong Anti-slip fabric and Velcro.
Spike rubber Pads at the bottom to prevent sliding.
  • SPIKE Corner bags consists of 3 bags as a set to place at the corner/bend section of tunnels  (50cm width). One bag at the front and two bags in the back.
  • SPIKE Saddlebags consist of 2 bags as a set, like regular saddlebags, a pair as right and left side bags.
  • Corner bags provides over 1meter of support on the banking side of curved tunnels.
  • 730gsm/ UV-stabilized, 3d textured fabric. Extremely Strong heavy duty PVC in Blue.
  • 5 x Spike-rubber pads for extra traction. 
  • Colour options: Blue (Anti-slip fabric)
  • Spike regular bags only fits to 60cm diameter tunnels that we provided to NZ.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Agility Tunnel carry bags  
* PVC Round Tunnel Case $68.00 NZD GST inc
Blue and Red
Do you take gear to the park for training?
New PVC tunnel case is here!
Large (70x70x40) very tough PVC tunnel case (620gsm) to protect your tunnels.
Foundation Wedge Cushion 
$56.00NZD inc. GST
Multi-function Sports dog's-cushion.
  • Add challenge to rear end conditioning exercises.
  • Make a mini-seesaw with Galican Training Board.
  • Useful for see saw foundation training, reduce banging sound and make softer movement to build confidence.
  • Made of 1100gsm UV stavilized, 3d textured Antislip pvc fabric.
  • Foam density 30kg/m3
  • Light and durable.
  • Size 35x35cm
  • Available in blue
antislip wedge cushion
antislip wedge cushion

30x30 Great for lock back sit, Squad. 2on 2off

Wedge cushion and balance board.
Wedge cushion and balance board.

Perfect for banging training

Reduce Seesaw banging
Reduce Seesaw banging
Padded Treat & Train carry case 
NEW! $56.00 NZD (inc. gst) Blue and Orange
Useful bag to carry Treat and Train. Thick pad will protect your T&T when you go out for training.   
  • Thick padded.
  • Blue or Orange
  • pocket for remote control