Speedtrax -Full Grip tunnel for New Zealand

2021 shipment price:

60cm diameter: 3m: $450.80 4m:$534.70 5m: $638.25, 6m: $699.20 NZD inc. GST

70cm diameter:  3m: $557.75 4m: $637.10 5m: $703.80 6m: 759.00 NZD inc GST

Next Shipment: Mid-2021 taking order now.

photo by Emily Taylor

Inner side

Anti-slip fabric close up

Anti-slip fabric close up

Deep embossed textured fabric weight 700gsm (blue&gray) 1000gsm (black)

Straps comes with each tunnel

Straps comes with each tunnel

Actual product may vary slightly

  • Tunnels are suitable for NZKC specifications. (60cm diameter)

  • High-grade embossed texture fabric creates great traction for speed.

  • Highly recommend using WIDE Triangle shaped saddlebags and one per meter to maximize tunnel stability and anti-slip performance.

Anti-slip fabric colours

Wire end are covered with heat shrink


Anti- Slip fabric is PVC coated Polyester (1100 dtex)

Anti-slip fabric weight: 700gsm. 

Wire and pitch:

Wire: 5mm diameter spring wire. 

Wire pitch: 150mm.

Wire trim: Heat sealed with standard PVC fabric.

Wire end is covered with plastic heat shrink.

Tunnel rings (end of tunnels) : 5mm diameter wire.

Tunnel weight : 

3meter 13kg, 4meter 16.5kg,  5meter 20kg,  6meter 23.5kg     

Length: 3, 4, 5 and 6meter available for New Zealand.        

Anti-slip fabrics colour:

Light blue, yellow, red, pink, Light gray, Light green, purple

Wire spiral colour:

Black or same fabric colour as the tunnel.

Available colour: Single colour or Black wire trim

JENNY Bag for New Zealand   
 Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange Green, Red, White Black available
60cm diameter tunnel: $70.00 (NSD plus GST) 
70cm diameter tunnel: $78.00 (NZD plus GST)
JENNY saddlebag was developed by Jenny Damm and the HCV.   Prevent tunnel deformation, better fixation, and soft padded handle inner side.
  • JENNY consists of two parts connected by strong Velcro.
  • There are 2 grip rubber stripes on the inner side that grips the tunnel from sliding.
  • soft padded handles are inner side.
  • 620 gsm/ UV-stabilized, heavy duty PVC
  • The sand pockets have zippers on the inner side. Each pocket can be filled up to 14 kg. 
  • We recommend to used one pair per meter of tunnel.      
  • 4 (or more) pairs for 5-6 meter curved tunnels depending on how heavy and fast the dogs are.
  • Colour option: Black, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, White, pink and purple


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