TRIPPE offers Saddle bag logo printing service.

Saddle bags can be printed with your club/organization/school's name or logo on both sides with a weather resistant print.

  • You can choose from One or Two colour printing.

  • Maximum size for logo printing on Tunnel bag is 400 x 250mm.

  • The printing position is above the sand bags.

  • Total printing cost is  logo printing number x Printing fee(*) + Print pattern making fee(**) and graphic preview making fee (***)

  • Printing will be done at Czech Republic, therefore, printing price might change with exchange rate when you are placing your order.



Printing fee (*)

Please ask for one or two colour logo printing price by email.



Print pattern making fee (**)

Please ask for price by email.

This pattern must produced for printing process, even if you want one or hundred logos printed.

To include website address would not increase the logo printing price.



Printing preview fee (***)

Please ask for price by email.

Printing company can provide a printing preview to ensure your  logo position and colour is to your specification.














Print preview of our tunnel bag printing



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