Galican Intercan Soft Padded Breakaway Tyre (ANKC)
2020 Price:
- Single colour or Inner/outer lines :  $680.00 AUD (inc.GST)
- Contrasting 4 stripes:  $720.00 (inc. GST)

Tyre with Inner outer lines

Photo by Ross Felix

  • Soft padded Tyre is made with 3 layers.   A durable aluminum core is padded with flexible foam and has a PVC fabric cover. 

  • Rounded Stainless steel uprights have no sharp edges and its easy to adjust the height with the sliding system.

  • Adjustable to ANKC 5 heights.
  • Tyre: 60cm diameter.
  • Total weight: about 11kg
  • Fabric colours:  yellow, blue, white, green or red. 

Tyre with contrasting stripes

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