GALICAN contacts covers
Dog walk cover:  $170.00, aframe cover:  $170.00, Seesaw cover:  $80.00 AUD (GST inc.)

Available to order with your Galican contacts

Do you leave your agility equipment outside?
Do you want to protect your contact from wild animals and excessive weather conditions?

UV stabilized blue PVC fabric 600gsm.
Clips and straps to hold the cover in place.
Caution! Please make sure dogs and children have no access to contacts when covers are on. 


Breakaway tyre cover
$60.00 AUD inc. GST Out of stock
Do you leave your Tyre outside? 
This cover is a weather proof, durable fabric cover to protect from dirt, rain and UV
  • Made of 640gsm water proof PVC fabric.
  • Available in Blue
Set of 1-24 numbers for ANKC : $180.00 (AUD inc. GST )
Set of 1-24 numbers "PLUS": $199.00 
Out of stock
Very light weight, durable,  easy to see from a distance, not easy to break when accidentally step on it.
Various range of colours available to give a nice touch  colours to the course!

  • Made of light weight, water proof PVC.
  • Weight: 2.5kg (1-22 total)
  • Stable and very easy to see.
  • Availale in 3 colours. (Blue, Yellow, Red)
Agility Tunnel carry bags  
$65.00 AUD    (GST inc.)  
Available in stock (Blue)
Do you take tunnels to the park for training?
Tunnel carry bags keep your car clean from wet and muddy tunnels and can be used for tunnel storage!

Colours:  Red, Orange, Blue and Yellow
GALICAN Contact target mats 
Out of stock
  • Made of same rubber as Galican contact zone.
  • 2 size, 4 colours available. 
  • Great training  tool for Running dog walk, and 2on 2 off. 
  • New sizes available from 2020 shipment
  • TARGET 30X30 $39.00
  • TARGET 30X40 $50.00
  • TARGET 30X45 $59.00
  • TARGET 30X60 $70.00
  • TARGET 30X90 $82.00
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Price for 2020: $175.00 AUD inc. GST
Rubberised aluminum contact training board. Out of stock
Useful for conditioning exercises,
beginning see saw and 2on 2off training.
  • Made of aluminum with 8mm thick, coloured rubber chip.
  • Middle bar can be attached for see saw foundation.
  • Training balance and conditioning.
  • Light and durable. Weight: 4.5kg,
  • Length: 120cm x 30cm
  • Available in 5 colours,  Violet, Rose Pink, Sky Blue, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow


GALICAN Equipment weight bags  
$65.00 AUD  (GST inc.) for a pair
Out of stock


Hold your seesaw, dog walk and other equipment in position. Reduce movement and vibration.

Round tube-shaped pair of weight bags with straps and clips to hold bags together.
The straps can be detached or extended.
Used to stabilize seesaws, dog walks, tyres, gazebos and other equipment in indoor or sand arenas.
Each bag can hold up to 10kg sand.
Colours: Blue, Yellow and Red available.

Caution! Please remove weight bags when moving seesaw. do not carry seesaw with weight bags on feet.  They can damage seesaw.
GALICAN Cushioned Aframe stride regulator  
$45.00 AUD (inc. gst)  out of stock
  • Made of PVC covered cushion and rubber cord.  
  • Length adjustable.  It can be used for any Aframe.
  • UV stabilized PVC cover.
  • Great for running Aframe training.
  • Small diameter, soft form, and long lasting.

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